Microsoft Excel – How to Set Row Height and Column Width

There are many who would like their reports made with Microsoft Excel to be as neat as possible, and these include appropriately-sized row heights and column widths. By default, whenever you create a new workbook in the Office application, the row height and column width will be the same for all cells. However, for those who want to change the sizes of these cells, that can be done.

Microsoft Excel - How to Set Row Height and Column Width

Setting a Different Size for the Row Height and Column Width in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – Before changing the size of the rows and columns in your Microsoft Excel workbook, do note that the default row height for all the rows is 15, and the default font is set to Calibri with a default font size of 11. Furthermore, the default column width for all columns is set to 8.38. If you want to adjust just one row, all you have to do is move your cursor over the bottom border of the row. You will know that you can adjust it as your mouse cursor changes into one with a bar and double arrows. This is the same for adjusting one column, except the mouse pointer will be horizontal instead of vertical.

Step 2 – If you want to change the size of more than one row in Excel, click on the first row that you want the size to be changed, and then drag it up or down towards the adjacent rows that want to be part of the selection. Then, do a right-click on any of the selected row and select “Row Height” from the popup menu that emerges. In the small window that appears, enter the new value of the Row Height and press OK if you’re satisfied. Once again, the same can be done with columns, but instead of Row Height, it says Column Width.

Step 3 – If you want to automatically fit one row or column to the size of the longest and/or largest text found within a cell in Microsoft Excel, highlight the cell (or group of cells), and then head on to the “Format” button found in the Cells section. You can then choose to either AutoFit Row Height or AutoFit Column Width. Aside from doing this, you can just highlight an entire row or column, then do a double-click on the border between each row or column button to immediately do an autofit.


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