Microsoft – How to Watch the E3 Conference Once More

During the E3 2016 press conference of Microsoft, they have announced a whole lot of different things, and these include a brand new console, new games, and even AR and VR updates. If you’ve missed the presentation or would want to watch it one more time, do not worry as there are ways that you can watch it online even when the event has already closed its curtains.

Microsoft - How to Watch the E3 Conference Once More

How to Watch the Microsoft E3 2016 Press Conference Online

For this year’s E3 event, it was a big year for Microsoft. The tech giant announced their latest console, which is the Xbox One S, a bunch of new games, a lot of updates with regards to cross-play and Xbox Live, and even some developments with regards to the company’s VR and AR systems. There was even a hint for the company’s latest technology that is said to be already in the works which is called Project Scorpio.

If you want to watch all those exciting things being announced once more, or you’ve missed the chance to watch it via live stream, then do not fear. You can just go to the IGN’s or Microsoft’s YouTube channel to see it all once more.

A large focus during this year’s E3 press conference for the tech firm is their cross-platform integration. This means that players are able to play with Xbox consoles and with Windows 10 computers, then simultaneously meet up in the same online environment. For instance, during the Microsoft E3 2016  event, the game Forza Horizon 3 was showcased. The players were using a PC while using a steering wheel controller, the other was in another computer but using the Xbox One S controller, and the third player was playing via the new Xbox One S console.

While these players have their own individual systems to play with, once an invitation has been accepted from either one, all three players will meet in one online environment. The new feature is called Xbox Play Anywhere, and it will take advantage of Xbox Live to integrate players into one online settings from Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10 devices.

In another show of the Xbox Play Anywhere by Microsoft, they also showcased the popular sandbox game Minecraft. In here, there were players using an Xbox One, a Window 10 computer, an Android and iOS device, and also a Samsung Gear VR. All players met online seamlessly thanks to the new feature.


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Microsoft – How to Watch the E3 Conference Once More
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