Microsoft – New Feature in OneDrive Allows You to Search for Pokémon

Microsoft has been adding some new features to its OneDrive, and it allows users to find and view photos in an easier manner. However, with all the Pokémon mania going on with the mobile application brought about by Niantic Labs, the tech firm also added a functionality into their storage service that allows users to find all of their Pokémon screenshots all in one place.

Microsoft - New Feature in OneDrive Allows You to Search for Pokémon

Microsoft OneDrive Lets You View All Your Pokémon Screenshots in One Place

Group Program Manager for the OneDrive team had the following to say about the new feature for the Microsoft service: “When you have the OneDrive app on your phone and camera upload is turned on, the screenshots you take from the game are automatically saved to OneDrive and 150 Pokémon are identified for your searching and viewing pleasure.” Users will also be able to search for their screenshots just by inputting the Pokémon name.

Aside from the Pokémon-themed feature, Microsoft OneDrive also adds Automatic Albums, photo folders, and On This Day functionalities. The tech firm has improved the search functionality for OneDrive photos as they also update its Photos application.

With Automatic Albums, as its name sounds, it will automatically detect if users will click a few pictures within a short period of time, as well as within a particular location. The service will then take the highest quality photos within the bunch and create an album of pictures. These albums can then be shared over at, through the Windows 10 Photos app, or via a mobile application. It has also been added on Monday morning that the albums will be automatically created every Monday using the pictures that were clicked over the weekend.

This Automatic albums feature is similar to that of Google’s smart albums, of which this was launched back in March. With Google’s smart albums, it will automatically organize photo albums curated with the best shots. With this feature, it allows users to add text or captions towards their Google Photo albums and share them across different platforms. Users can also manually add in specific points of information, such as pins, maps, location, and text, into their own photos within the album.

With this improved feature, Microsoft users will now be able to search directly from the All Photos view. “This includes finding photos that have been tagged (such as “cat” or “sunset”) or photos from a specific location (try your last vacation). You can even search using emojis,” explains Pearce. This feature also works within the OneDrive mobile applications as well.


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Microsoft – New Feature in OneDrive Allows You to Search for Pokémon
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