Microsoft Office Word Android – Powerful, But a Bit Unwieldy

When you’re on the go and busy with various tasks including paperwork, having access to a laptop with a document editor such as Microsoft Office Word is almost a blessing from the heavens, gone are the days where you have to edit documents at the office or from a student’s perspective, at home or at school using a desktop. With smart devices, Microsoft has ported the popular text editor to the Android platform and making it even more convenient than whipping out a laptop by just pulling the device out of your pocket and edit documents as if you’re just writing a text; what a time to be alive.

Microsoft Office Word Android – Powerful, But a Bit Unwieldy

Microsoft Office Word for Android Has You Covered

Microsoft Office Word for mobile is a very useful app especially if you’re doing work that requires constant access to documents and doing editing on the fly, the app has all the basic features that the desktop application offers and honestly you don’t need the fully-featured desktop equivalent on a mobile form factor, perhaps with a minimum screen size requirement. The bottleneck for the potential of the app is the screen resolution and screen size of the device, having all that text in your screen along with a keyboard at the same time will make the app feel cramped. Microsoft has done its best in optimizing what little screen space mobile phones can offer along with higher resolutions, it’s possible to cram everything at a higher resolution but you’d have to prepare for the eye strain from looking at extremely tiny (but legible) text for quite some time. Thankfully, the same can’t be said for tablets or devices with screens larger than 7-inches as it offers more breathing room for the UI allowing you to work at a more comfortable zoom level.

For features, the Microsoft Office Word Android app has a powerful and complete suite of the basic features you’d need in a text editor. Having an Office 365 subscription unlocks the more advanced features of Word for Android but having discussed earlier, if working with a sub 5-inch screen size device, working with documents especially with the advanced features become more of a nuisance than a feature, it’s cumbersome to work with especially if you have meatier digits, just highlighting text on a small screen becomes hilariously difficult. If you’ve worked on desktop version of the Office apps, Microsoft Office Mobile apps have a familiar look and makes working with them feels familiar easing the learning curve. Office Mobile apps also have seamless OneDrive cloud storage as well as integration with other apps such as Dropbox to automatically save documents to the cloud further easing access across devices.

Microsoft Office Word Android is perfect for minor edits on the go but if all else fails, a worst-case scenario so to speak, the app can also handle major edits, just bear with your device’s screen size and resolution.


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