Microsoft – Project Malmo Bringing AI to Minecraft

The code behind Project Malmo of Microsoft has just been released, and it aims to give Minecraft users the chance to explore the world behind artificial intelligence. It was first introduced back in March of this year, and the platform was created with the premise of transforming the world of Minecraft to become a testing platform for advanced research in the field of AI so that programmers of all levels would be able to experiment on GitHub with an open-source license.

Microsoft - Project Malmo Bringing AI to Minecraft

Microsoft’s Project Malmo to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Minecraft

Following its initial launch, Project Malmo of Microsoft was limited to a small group of computer scientists and it was only available as a private preview. These scientists would use the system to create sophisticated, as well as more general AI, of which that can perform certain tasks such as learn, hold conversations, create decisions, and even other intricate tasks.

In an official blog post by Microsoft, it stated about the availability of Project Malmo. Alison Linn, Microsoft’s senior writer and editor, explained as to how the creation of this type of artificial intelligence is vital to creating systems in which it will augment human intelligence. When given enough time, it will eventually be able to perform everyday tasks such as cooking or even conduct life-saving operations.

Today’s scientists have already made the tools to comprehend the human language. For instance, researchers have already created particular systems that will be able to understand when people ask for directions or when they need assistance in answering certain inquiries. However, modern AI is not quite there yet as it is still far too complex to understand. Scientists are still having quite a bit of trouble for systems to learn the meaning and utilize audio waves. Teaching an AI to understand humans, in a way that humans understand each other, is a prominent goal of modern-day research for artificial intelligence.

Kayla Hofmann, a research in Microsoft‘s Cambridge, which is research lab based in the United Kingdom, stated the following: “We’ve trained the artificial intelligence to identify patterns in the dictation, but the underlying technology doesn’t have any understanding of what those words mean. They’re just statistical patterns, and there’s no connection to any experience.” With the assistance of Project Malmo, it will aid researchers in the field of artificial intelligence in making new approaches to reinforcement learning, as per Hofmann. Within this particular sector, agents are allowed all the room they need for trial-and-error so that they will be able to learn how to perform different tasks.


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Microsoft – Project Malmo Bringing AI to Minecraft
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