Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016) Review – The Power Lies Inside

Looking at the new Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016), most of the design remains unchanged, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been anything that has differed since the last release of the device. This time around, it gains an improved speed, battery life, and better graphics performance. Furthermore, there is a detachable tablet that comes with the package, as well as the Surface Pen. While it might be a bit thicker and heavier than what Microsoft released last year, it does justify its heft by bringing more power into the mix. Hence, it is a perfect example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” or in this case, an ultrabook.

Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016) Review - The Power Lies Inside

The Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016) Brings More of the Same for the Exteriors, But the Changes Can be Found Inside

If you’ve ever looked at last year’s design, then there’s nothing to look forward to the Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016) in terms of looks because it’s practically the same. However, if design is not what you’re looking for in a laptop, or an ultrabook for that matter, then do note that is your answer to your needs. It is, indeed, a better laptop than its predecessor, which does equate to an overall better experience. However, because of the added power within the hardware and performance, the latest device adds more heft and weight to the equation.

There is a weird flaw (if you would call it that) with the design, and that is a weird gap between the top and the base whenever you close it. It is as if the Surface Book was a hard piece of cardboard, or metal, that has been folder in half.

While the design might be the same as last year’s model, the base is new. Furthermore, the standard packaging does come with the Surface Pen, and it still feels great. Artists can create their very own art with the tablet portion as the Pen is pressure-sensitive. However, it is not as tactile as Microsoft’s competitor’s Pencil. Nonetheless, it will be everything you need to create your very own, well, creations.

But taking a look inside is what really matters for the Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016). It has been upgraded to the Intel Core i7 processor, but do take note that it’s not quad-core. This means that it is faster than the predecessor, but it also means that it can handle lesser tasks. Overall, the new laptop gives about better performance, better battery life, and better graphics performance with the use of the GeForce GTX 965M.


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Microsoft Surface Book i7 (2016) Review – The Power Lies Inside
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