Microsoft Surface Studio – Clearly for Graphics Enthusiasts

The Windows even in Manhattan was recently concluded, and in it Microsoft was able to show the world once more about their prowess as a technological giant as they’ve unveiled the Microsoft Surface Studio. At first glance, it does look like an ordinary desktop PC, with some high-end panache for its design. One striking element is its price tag, because one look at it might make you shy away from it, and some might even leave it alone permanently. However, for those who are still interested in acquiring this beauty AND a beast rolled into one package, do note that this is targeted squarely for individuals who have an interest for graphics and design.

Microsoft Surface Studio - Clearly for Graphics Enthusiasts

The Microsoft Surface Studio Brings Forth Your Creative Juices

When you glance upon the Microsoft Surface Studio, you might just want to leave your eyes right then-and-there. This is an absolute stunner of a computer package. Microsoft even touts it to have the “world’s thinnest LCD screen,” and it might even win that award. It also features an all-aluminum body that is incredibly sleek. However, this design choice is clearly acquired from long-time rival, the Apple iMac. But it doesn’t meant that every aspect of the iMac was placed into Microsoft’s device since it is shaped into a 28-inch screen with aluminum legs. It even has a small base that holds a number of ports.

The display on the Surface Studio is that of a touchscreen variety, and it has a resolution of 4,500 x 3,000. With this kind of figure, it has 63-percent more pixels that what a 4K UHD television can offer. For comparison’s sake, the 5K 2015 iMac has a display resolution of 5,210 x 2,880 pixels. This is just on paper, but you have to turn the display on to truly marvel at its greatness. The images being displayed are incredibly sharp and vibrant, and the touchscreen interface is incredibly responsive as well.

Because the Microsoft Surface Studio has a rather gigantic screen that you can draw on, it feels like a great canvas. During the event, there was a demo that users can try out with the Microsoft Surface Dial. For those who were able to try it out, reports have been seen that the experience is nothing short of amazing. It is as if you were drawing or painting on real paper, but you do have the ability to quickly erase stuff (because, of course, it’s all digital). Ultimately, this is an absolute boon for those who take graphics design and creation very seriously, but you still have to deal with its immense price tag.


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Microsoft Surface Studio – Clearly for Graphics Enthusiasts
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