Microsoft – Video Streaming Service for Businesses Announced

Microsoft is known as the one of the world’s leaders in technology, and just recently it has announced a new video service that will eventually merge to Office 365. This new video streaming service is directed towards businesses instead of the average consumer. Stream, which is already entering as a free preview this week (at the time of writing), will be focused on providing businesses with a portal wherein videos can be uploaded as well as discovered by a firm’s employees with the use of hashtags and other searches.

Microsoft - Video Streaming Service for Businesses Announced

Microsoft Stream Coming in as a Free Preview

In the announcement from Microsoft with regards to Stream, it is all about making video easily accessible to employees across an organization in a way that it will democratizes that access, as per James Phillips, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for the Business Intelligence Product Group. He also continues by saying the following: “Earlier this year we announced our new approach to business apps and our ambition to remove barriers, encourage innovation and ultimately empower everyone in an organization with better ways to get work done. Microsoft Stream builds on this vision, enabling business users to harness the power of video to achieve more at work.”

The initial preview of Microsoft Stream will have a number of features. For instance, new users would be able to sign up in a matter of seconds. It is advertised that users are able to make a new account in as little as five seconds with the use of an easy signup feature. There are no credit card requirements involved.

Another feature involves an easy way to upload and organize your videos. It is said that it has easy drag and drop capabilities, and letting users upload videos and organize them by either starting a channel, or by contributing to a channel that is based on a team, topic, group, or others. This is a similar feature to what YouTube has, but this application is directed to business customers.

Users are also able to discover more relevant content with the use of “Trending” videos (once again, just like YouTube). The list of trending videos is generated through machine learning. Users are also able to search videos with the use of hashtags, and you can even filter searches that are being most liked.

There are a few more other features of note with the Stream application by Microsoft. Phillips indicates that anyone with a business email address can easily sign up and start participating in the preview version immediately.


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