Microsoft Word – How to Change Text Case Easily

Have you ever experienced typing up a group or a line of text in Microsoft Word only to realize that when you look at the monitor of your computer, the text in question has been capitalized differently? So what do you do? Do you press the backspace key on your keyboard, delete everything that has been seen as an error, and then retyping everything that has been deleted from scratch? While this might be an easy fix for a word or two that has been typed up erroneously, it is not a viable option for huge blocks of text. So before gritting your teeth and just deleting everything right off the bat, there is an option wherein you can just change the text in a particular selection within the document, without having to retype everything.

Microsoft Word - How to Change Text Case Easily

Easily Change the Case of a Text in Microsoft Word

Step 1 – First of all, locate and highlight the text that you want to change the text of in Microsoft Word. However, it should be pretty obvious by now as to what text you would want to change the case of. Once the selection is active, head on to the Home tab, then click the “Change Case” button found on that tab.

Step 2 – In the Change Case button within the Home tab in Microsoft Word, you can choose from a number of options depending on the final result that you want to happen on your text. The options are as follows: Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word, or tOGGLE cASE. The choices themselves will give you a quick preview on what would happen to your text.

Step 3 – Should you choose Sentence case, then the first letter of the sentence will be capitalized whereas every other letter will be in small caps. For lowercase, then the entire text selection will be changed to small caps. For UPPERCASE, every letter within the selection will be changed to, you’ve guessed it, upper case. When you choose Capitalize Each Word, well, that option is pretty much self explanatory. For tOGGLE cASE, it makes the first letter of every word to be placed in small caps, whereas the rest of the letters within the word will be changed to upper case.

Step 4 – If you want to change the case of your text found in Microsoft Word with just the use of your keyboard, you can do so. First of all, select the text, and then press Alt + H on your keyboard. This will activate the Home tab. Then, just press the number “7” on your keyboard. You can then press “S” for Sentence case, “l” for lowercase, “U” for UPPERCASE, “C” for Capitalize Each Word, or “t” for tOGGLE cASE.


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