Microsoft Word – How to Perform Simple Calculations

If you’re typing up something in Microsoft Word and would want to do some simple calculations, what would you normally do? Would you open up a separate calculator app in your computer? Or would you reach for your smartphone to do simple addition and/or substraction? Perhaps you might not have known, you can do simple math right within the word processing software itself. What’s more is that it doesn’t take you to learn rocket science just for you to access the feature.

Microsoft Word - How to Perform Simple Calculations

Performing Simple Math Calculations in Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Whenever you need to do a quick calculation in Microsoft Word, you can do so by using the not-so-obvious Calculate command. In order to use this, first of all, you would have to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. To do this, click on the down arrow found on the right side of the Quick Access Toolbar, and then select “More Commands” from the drop down menu that pops up.

Step 2 – In the new Word Options window that pops out, select “All Commands” from the “Choose commands from” drop down list. Within the list of commands located on the left, scroll down until you see the “Calculate” command. Select that, and then click on “Add.” After doing this, the Calculate command will be added on the list on the right. Click on OK to accept all the changes made.

Step 3 – Now, you will be able to do simple calculations in Microsoft Word. But how exactly can you do that? First of all, type in a simple equation, and then select that but do take note that you should not select the equals sign. It should also be noted that is you’re using spaces within your equation, the application may turn your hyphens into dashes. If this is the case, then the Calculate command won’t work.

Step 4 – If you’re wondering upon hitting the Calculate command button that your result is not immediately displayed right after the equals sign of your equation, don’t worry as the command did work, it’s just that it doesn’t display it immediately. You will be able to find the result found on the left side of the status bar which is located at the bottom of the software’s window.

Step 5 – Therefore, you need to insert the result of the calculation manually into your Microsoft Word document. But if you want an easier way to do this, one that can even display the result immediately, then you can use a third-party calculator application that works with the Word software.


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