Microsoft’s 2021 Surface event: start time and how to watch

Microsoft’s 2021 Surface event: start time and how to watch

Microsoft is holding an online hardware event on Wednesday, September 22nd, at 11AM ET / 8AM PT, where it’s expected to announce redesigned Surface tablets and laptops (and potentially a new phone). The Verge will be covering any announcements from the event and running a world-class live blog, and here’s how you can watch along with us, too.
It’s simple: Microsoft will have a livestream on the events page of its website, and you’ll also be able to watch it on on Microsoft’s Surface Twitter account. You can follow @verge on Twitter to see news from the event as it happens.
Looming over the event is the upcoming release of Windows 11, which will be coming out on October 5th. While it’s almost a given that anything Microsoft announces at Wednesday’s event will be running the new OS, it will be interesting if the rumors about Microsoft releasing a new version of its Arm-based Surface Pro X tablet are true. We don’t have a very clear picture of how Windows 11 will pair with Microsoft’s long-running Arm computing ambitions — and a new computer, perhaps one with a new Microsoft-designed chip, could be a great time for the company to talk about the future of Windows outside of Intel, AMD, and x86 in general.
There are also likely to be some traditional x86 computers shown off at the event, with rumors suggesting that we’ll see a Surface Pro 8 tablet, a new Surface Book laptop, and an updated Surface Go. There’s also the real possibility we’ll see a follow-up to Microsoft’s Surface Duo folding phone.

But, if you’re listening, Microsoft, I’d really like to see a version of the beautiful Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, this time one without a number pad to get in the way of mousing. Your other keyboard, the Sculpt Ergonomic, is just not terribly well-built, and I’d prefer Bluetooth to a USB dongle.
To see the news as it happens on Wednesday morning, stay tuned to The Verge, and head to Microsoft’s website to see the stream.


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