Millenials – Generation X Glued More to Their Smartphones

If you think that millenials are sticking their heads more to their mobile devices, think again. Intel Security had recently released a study wherein they have asked approximately 14,000 respondents around the globe as to how well they stay away from their devices during the vacation season. The results showed that about 49-percent of Americans cannot manage to unplug themselves from checking their smartphones for work-related emails. For the men that took part in the survey, they seemed more willing to make the break as 57-percent said that they plan to disconnect with their devices, as compared to 44-percent of the women.

Millenials - Generation X Glued More to Their Smartphones

Millenials More Likely to Take a Break From Their Smartphones During Vacation

The Intel study found out that 49-percent of millenials stated that they can stay away from their devices during their vacation while only 37-percent of those found within the 40 to 50 ge group stated that they could do the same. The survey also acknowledges the potential risks of staying on the Internet when being away from home.

Social media platforms, most of them, would allow users to post from practically anywhere around the globe, provided they are connected to the Internet. The problem with some of these platforms, like Facebook, is that they can reveal your exact location when you post a new status or a picture. While this is what others would want as they want others to know where they are, it does give an opportunity for cyber criminals to take valuable information because they might be watching your every move.

Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security, said the following: “Consumers rely on technology to stay connected to their physical and digital worlds, whether at work, home, or on vacation. As a result, it’s crucial to impart safe digital habits to help consumers stay more secure when travelling.”

Millenials, along with Generation X individuals, should know how to protect their valuable data when browsing on the Internet. As a matter of fact, social media is not the only place where cyber criminals are watching the moves of their targets. Any unprotected device, may it be a smartphone, a computer, or a laptop, all share important data on a person’s whereabouts. In order to stay safe, Intel suggests towards consumers to avoid connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

Therefore, whether you’re part of the category of the millenials, or an individual born as part of the Generation X, and are planning on going somewhere for a vacation, it might be a wise decision to take a break from your electronic devices as well.


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