Minecraft – How to Disable PVP Damage

There are times when you’re fending off Creepers in Minecraft that you accidentally damage, or even kill off your buddy in the process. This is because PVP damage, or friendly fire is in effect. If you’re tired of such an instance from happening again-and-again, then there is an option wherein you can just disable it entirely.

Minecraft - How to Disable PVP Damage

Disable Friendly Fire in Minecraft

Step 1 – If you have not yet jumped into the world of running your own Minecraft server as your running the game with friends with the use of a LAN connection, then there is a way to disable PVP damage in this regard. However, do note that there is no simple way of toggling it on and off like other options within the settings menu. However, there is a clever way to do it nonetheless.

Step 2 – First of all, startup your Minecraft LAN game and then press “T.” This will open up the in-game console. You should then first type in “/scoreboard teams add [teamname]” without the quotes. Furthermore, replace [teamname] with the name of the team of your choice.

Step 3 – Once the team name has been created, you can then add yourself to said team by typing in “/scoreboard teams join [teamname] [player]” without the quotes. Here, replace [teamname] with the name of the team and [player] with your character’s name. You should then repeat this process towards all players that are currently within the LAN game. It should be noted that players do not need to be online whenever you want to do this command, but you need to know their usernames first.

Step 4 – After all the player names have been registered in the team, the last command you have to run is ” /scoreboard teams option [teamname] friendlyfire false” without the quotes. This will then disable the friendly fire or the PVP damage feature off.

By doing so, you will no longer have to fear or worry that you would accidentally hit, or even kill off your team member in Minecraft whenever you’re battling it out with the game’s monsters and villains. After all, there’s no point in defending your creations (or your character’s life) when you hit other members of the team and deal out PVP damage. However, if you want to have a friendly brawl with each other, you can just change the false command in ” /scoreboard teams option [teamname] friendlyfire false” to true.


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