Mio Fuse Review – For the Seriously Sporty Individual

The Mio Fuse is found split into two categories – those with design and functionality that will appeal to many fitness-centric individuals, and those who simply want a wearable smart device that they can wear to just about any occasion. Because of this, this particular wearable device falls in line with Fitbits. For its features, it does offer heart-rate monitoring and an above-average performance when it comes to tracking activities.

Mio Fuse Review - For the Seriously Sporty Individual

The Mio Fuse Falls Between Two Categories

The style being portrayed by the Mio Fuse means that it can be worn without any running gear or the like. You could probably head towards your local coffee shop and still won’t be bothered by how it looks. However, it might still feel a bit awkward when you’re wearing it with a suit and tie combo. But if you’re the sporty type and still have some business plans thrown into your daily schedule, then perhaps you wouldn’t mind the device’s sporty aesthetics.

The Fuse comes with a silicone band, which is wonderfully soft. Even after some time of wearing it, you would still find the comfort to feel like it was just bought yesterday. The display section for the wearable device is quite large, but it does have a curved shape so it doesn’t look like it is protruding off of your arm.

But even all the niceties that can be said about the design aspect of the watch, this particular device is just, quite simply, too big. Furthermore, it is heavy for a fitness tracker as it has a weight of 39-grams. This is definitely made for sports and fitness-centric individuals, and not just for casual users.

Albeit the design might confuse some, the functionalities of the tracker remains perfectly clear. Features include counting your steps and calories burned, measuring the distance traveled, can track your sleep, as well as tells you your current heart-rate. However, it has no smartwatch functionalities such as alerting you of push notifications, GPS, or smart alarms. Hence, this is kind of a mixed bag because smartwatch notifications might be essential for some, while others find it to be distractions.

In conclusion, the Mio Fuse is definitely the wearable device to get to get by your daily fitness regimens without having to be pestered by notifications or other things that might make you want to check your smartphone constantly. However, it is made to be too large and weighty, which means it might not be suitable for those who find it to be a bit comfortable because of its size and weight.


Where to buy Mio Fuse?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Mio Fuse online.

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