Misfit Path Smartwatch : Is it Worth Buying?

Misfit Path Smartwatch

Wearable manufacturer Misfit’s new hybrid smartwatch Misfit Path looks like the excellent Misfit Phase – but it’s impressively small. Just like the Phase, it can monitor steps, calories burnt, distance and rest, as well as receive your typical call, text message, and application notifications. Swimmers will be pleased to take note it’s safe for the pool and shower. The Misfit Path also includes a smart button that may be programmed as a handy remote control to try out music, snap photos, and ring a phone. It’s slated for a springtime launch.

For the question “Is it Worth Buying a Misfit Path Smartwatch ?” well, if you’re looking for a professional and elegant looking smartwatch with a budget of more than a hundred bucks (usd) then the answer is YES.


Where to buy Misfit Path?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Misfit Path online.

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