Misfit Ray Review – The Fitness Tracker With Style

There are many wearable techs that denote the casual watch style so that they can be easily worn on the wrist without imposing too much of its presence; but then there’s the Misfit Ray which is perhaps the most inconspicuous-looking wearable tech to-date. One look and you would mistake it for a regular bracelet with a metal clasp. If you think that this device is more fashion than functional, then do note that it s a cool mix of both.

Misfit Ray Review - The Fitness Tracker With Style

The Misfit Ray is a Fitness Tracker for Casual People

Like any other fitness trackers out there, the Misfit Ray is able to count the number of steps you take in a day, as well as give an estimate as to the calories burnt. Furthermore, it will even track sleep patterns, and then put all those data to the accompanying app on your smartphone. The device can even give a buzz when you’ve been sitting too long, or when you have an incoming call or message. However, it has a design that is not meant to replace your handset, nor will it be an extension to your phone either. It has a very basic look to it, as it has a two-inch long cylinder that does not have any display of any kind. There’s just one multi-color LED light.

While it is advertised as a fitness tracker, the Ray is not a hardcore device in this regard. To start, it does not have a GPS, nor can it measure your heart-rate. Also, it doesn’t support workout routines, and it won’t coach you to do more on your next run. And once again, it doesn’t even have a display to tell you about your progress on-the-go.

What you can do with this particular fitness tracker is that you can tap on the metal portion twice and it will make the LED light flash. This will indicate how far along you are into reaching your activity goal. A single red blink means that you are less than 25-percent of your goal to be met, red then orange is 25 to 50-percent, then red then orange then yellow then white is about 75-percent or higher. When it denotes a rapid sequence of all of these colors, then it means that you have achieved your activity goal.

Because of its incredibly minimalistic offering, it can take about a couple of months before you have to charge the Misfit Ray once more. Also, its lightweight and inconspicuous looks can make you forget that you’re actually wearing it. While by no means a hardcore fitness tracker, this is a wearable device for casual folk that still want to get data on some aspects of their daily lives.


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Misfit Ray Review – The Fitness Tracker With Style
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