Mobile Applications – Know the Can’t Miss Apps

There are many things blowing up on social media as of late, and it might be easy to miss out on some of the good that’s happening in today’s digital world, such as news pertaining to some great mobile applications that you might want to try out. The following is a short list on the latest apps to hit iOS and Android phones that you can head on to the App Store or Google Play to download and install into your mobile devices.

Mobile Applications - Know the Can't Miss Apps

Check Out These Amazing Mobile Applications

First on this list of can’t miss mobile applications is BitTorrent Now. If the name of the app sounds familiar, it is because it comes from the company with the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing service. The firm is now starting a new venture with this new streaming app. It allows users to stream music and videos, which makes it immediately comparable to the likes of Netflix or Spotify. But what makes BitTorrent Now unique is it focuses more on smaller and independent music and video artists. Therefore, this can be the stepping stone for indie artists to get their creations out into the world.

Next up is a mobile app called My Eye Spy, and it is a game that you might have played as a kid when you’re bored while riding at the back of the family car. It brings the game I Spy With My Little Eye into your phone, and it even allows you to play with your friends which makes it an even more fun experience as you it doesn’t require you to be physically together just to play this.

Then there’s Blink, which is an app that allows users to captures and share images on your phone. Sounds too ordinary? Well, Blink allows users to crop and resize your screencaps, then highlight specific portions of them. This is great for showing friends a large block of text when you also want to highlight a certain portion of the picture. You can even add your own text and even an emoji if you want. This is great for sharing those juicy moments in social media.

Last on this short list of mobile applications is ELSA, and no, this is not the character from Disney’s hit animated movie Frozen. This app is for non-English speakers to assist them in getting the correct pronunciation down for certain phrases or words. ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant, and this can be great for non-English travelers going to English-speaking locales.


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Mobile Applications – Know the Can’t Miss Apps
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