Mobile – Video Will Dominate 4G Traffic by 2020, as Per Huawei, OVUM

A joint whitepaper from OVUM, a leading global technology and advisory firm,  and Huawei that the use of video on mobile usage will be increased to approximately 75-percent of the overall 4G traffic in 2020. The rise in usage is up from just 15-percent in 2016.

Mobile - Video Will Dominate 4G Traffic by 2020, as Per Huawei, OVUM

Mobile Video Usage Seen to Increase to 75-Percent in the Year 2020

The aforementioned whitepaper is entitled “The Evolution of Big Video – Examining telco transformation opportunities,” and it highlights the current situation of telecommunications companies of whom provide mobile video services (among many other things) for the communications and entertainment markets, and along with the vertical industry sectors.

Said whitepaper focused on highlighting the usage, as well as the penetration, of mobile videos among the enterprise, family, and individual consumer sectors. Furthermore, the paper details the latest trends for the evolution of large video. It also delivers suggestions, as well as insights in supporting telecommunications companies in journeying through Big Video transformation and ICT.

The paper offers a comprehensive analysis with regards to the current status of using video for business. Also, it details on the industry’s future business outlook, subscribers’ consumption trends, possible business models, and the latest forces that drive the current and future trends in technology.

Specifically speaking, the whitepaper indicates the following: “By 2020, mobile video usage will have increased to about 75% of total 4G traffic, from 15% in 2016, with 4K UHD video, social media video, mobile video, VR/AR applications, 5G/FTTx network penetration and latest IT technology trends (cloud computing, bid data, Telco OS etc.) being the driving forces boosting video usage.”

Aside from individual consumer use, enterprise video is now becoming a major factor towards the growing trend in using mobile videos. There are multiple uses of the sort, which include trainings, meetings with clients, and even delivering remote medical services. Video is now also being to deliver a series of conferencing tools, of which are now being broadly delivered towards various business sectors.

The whitepaper pertaining to the usage of mobile video also stated the following: “Given the explosive growth of video usage, in order to be successful, telcos will need to be proactive and strategically plan their video business development blueprint. They will need to transform their networks from simple data conduits to video-centric networks, and drive the growth of the industry through innovative business models and collaboration in the industry ecosystem.” The report presents the joint efforts of Huawei and OVUM’s best practices in the field of big video.


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Mobile – Video Will Dominate 4G Traffic by 2020, as Per Huawei, OVUM
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