Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review – Improving on its Predecessor

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the fifth version in the first person shooter franchise. Almost the same as Call of Duty and Battlefield, developer Gameloft prides itself in the graphics department. With single and multiplayer modes, the player is penetrating into a familiar territory, but the new features are still enough to keep things feeling different. Playing single mode is one annoying factor as the player needs to play it online but there are some ways to balance the annoying part with the choice to landfill in-app purchases. The player can earn medals, unlockables and XP to get everything that is needed in the game. The four classes namely Recon, Assault, Heavy, and Sniper can be unlocked as the player progress through the game. The player can also customize all the fighting styles to make it more satisfying for the players when taking out enemies.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review - Improving on its Predecessor

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the Fifth Installment in the Series

In single player mode, Caydan Phoenix is the main character in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The player will be battling a terrorist group known as World Liberation Army. Each of the conflict zone have about four to five missions and initial missions may feel a bit repetitive but it doesn’t take long before there are a bit more choices. Its focus is on fun and not realism as the player can notice that he has amazing flexibility and quick recovery powers. The smaller missions may include clearing rooms of the enemies, or covering other members of the unit with a sniper or Gatling gun.

Single player is almost aligned with multiplayer for Blackout, which can be played with only the player or with others. The maps are bigger and other multiplayer modes like capturing the flag exists along with the Squad mode. It is about building squad members or in-game friends who can be available for a 6v6 battles. Controls are not that different from Blackout; the virtual controls are agreeably executed but there are times that the player might miss the button especially during the heat of the battle. The lack of MFi iOS controller compatibility might be a disappointment to iPhone and iPad owners.

Gamers looking for an Android game that is expressive and profound should just keep the money in their pockets because Modern Combat 5: Blackout is not the game for you; but there are reasons to praise the game as it continues to set the bar for other shooters and the storyline is never in risk of winning any awards. If the player can get hold of a controller then the fun will go up a notch.


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Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review – Improving on its Predecessor
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