Mokacam – Meet the World’s Smallest 4K Camera

When you go about how it is advertised, you would think that the main selling point of the Mokacam is its size. After its hugely successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the company claims within its page that the device is the “world’s smallest 4K camera.” For those who want a compact camera that is able to produce UHD images and footage, this unit would automatically sell, even before you see what its other details. What you will get, aside from its very compact size, is a capable camera that is placed in a very reasonable price point, especially when you compare to GoPro’s flagship 4K camera. Furthermore, it is clear that the company that made this compact 4K camera aims to improve on its rival pain points.

Mokacam - Meet the World's Smallest 4K Camera

The Mokacam Tries to Compete With GoPro’s 4K Camera, and Mostly Succeeds

Even though it does claim to be the “world’s smallest 4K camera,” the Mokacam is really not that small as compared to the unadorned GoPro Hero4. It comes into the market with dimensions of 45-millimeters x 45-millimeters x 30-millimeters. Furthermore, depending on how you measure, it might not even be the smaller camera at all. When it comes to being compact, the GoPro Hero4 Session is definitely the better unit in terms of size, but then again, it does not shoot 4K videos. Also, if you add in its waterproof case, the Mokacam is actually larger than any housed GoPro Hero4.

When you look into its spec sheet, the brag about its size seems even less necessary. The Mokacam 4K camera has a pretty robust feature offering despite its rather compact architecture. It has a 16-megapixel sensor (as compared to the 12-megpaixel imaging sensor of the GoPro Hero4 Black), the ability to shoot 4K videos at 25-frames-per-second, a decent Sony sensor, and it has hot-swappable, magnetic batteries. It also offers software stabilization and motion detection features. Some of these functionalities are pain points found in most other action cameras, even those found from the GoPro product line.

The video results on the Mokacam are generally pleasing, and overall image quality is good. Also, there’s no screen door effect on this one. The colors do not seem over-saturated unlike its other rivals, but it might make you think that there are other factors at play to create such a result. Despite it having high claims of being the world’s smallest camera, it still makes for a pretty strong choice for anyone not willing to spend a whole lot for an action camera that can shoot 4K videos.


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Mokacam – Meet the World’s Smallest 4K Camera
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