Moshi Avanti Review – Sound and Fashion Combined

There are many tech devices that are aiming to be fashionable and functional but ultimately fail on either the former, the latter, or both aspects; however, the Moshi Avanti blends these two elements together as it is able to give users amazing sound quality while letting you display it practically everywhere you go with due confidence.

Moshi Avanti Review – Sound and Fashion Combined

The Moshi Avanti is Fashionable as it is Functional

Right out of the box, the Moshi Avanti resembles something that has been manufactured by Apple. It has a thick-gauge cardboard box with an invisible magnetic clasp. It also has a simple, yet informational graphic found on the inside cover. Within the packaging, there’s also a high-quality compact carrying case, the headphones (of course), a cable, and a bit of paperwork.

Once you take it out of its box and hold the pair in your hands, the Moshi Avanti headphones will make it apparent that the manufacturer had spent quite a bit of time and effort into its design. It is unapologetically minimalist in nature, but it also means that there are no flashy trims or gaudy colors mixed into its already beautiful design.

With the cable attached, the device will weigh in at 166-grams, which means that they won’t be a burden while wearing them all the time. There is a moderate level of clamping force which is just tight enough to keep the unit firmly in place. Even though you’re the type to listen to head-bobbing music and would follow along with the beat of your tunes, the headphones won’t fall off.

What’s more is that the ear cushions are made out of padded leatherette. Doing long-term listening sessions do make them a bit warm and toasty for your ears, but otherwise they do offer a great deal of comfort.

But once you throw tunes at it, then these headphones will truly shine its brightest. In fact, the more you listen to your favorite tracks with this pair, the more you will come to enjoy them. Its most striking attribute pertaining to its audio performance is its ability to produce instrumental texture. You will hear the depth, weight, and clarity of the cello strings, the clack of drumsticks, the beat of the drums, and the zings of trumpets.

While clarity is its main selling point pertaining to its audio performance, the Moshi Avanti is therefore not for the bass heads. In fact, bass levels were the hardest attribute to be judged as it appears to be a bit on the lean side.


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Moshi Avanti Review – Sound and Fashion Combined
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