Moto G4 (2016) Review – The Return of the Budget King

When the Moto G4 was first released, it was hailed as the budget king as it provides a plethora of features that are all considered right on the money. For 2016, Motorola has remade, or rather updated their device to keep up with the growing trends in smartphone technology. Even though this is now officially a Lenovo phone, it still contains the magical combination of features, performance, and value that has not been lost, despite having to deal with the growing competition in the industry.

Moto G4 (2016) Review - The Return of the Budget King

The Moto G4 (2016) Hasn’t Lost its Touch

Since this is a budget-friendly phone, then you can immensely forgive the Moto G4 for not winning any awards in the design department. What the manufacturer is trying to show is that it is grounded, functional, and sturdy. Furthermore, these criteria are met with a substantially low price. Hence, any unnecessary extras and luxuries are not needed here.

Even for the 2016 model, the G4 is still made mostly out of plastic. For the front portion of the device, everything looks simple and clean, and there are no signs of branding and buttons of any sort. There’s only a tiny hint of flair with regards to a silver-rimmed speaker located at the top. If you’re expecting anything else that will make you go “gaga” over its design, then tough luck.

It does have a metal frame that does add some hint of strength and quality to the mix of its design features. However, it tactile buttons do feel a bit plasticky and does not cover up the fact that the Moto G4 (2016) is a cheap smartphone. While this is just a minor caveat, it doesn’t do away for the fact that they are very functional to use and will respond nicely when you push these controls.

Perhaps the greatest issue that concerns this particular low-budget smartphone is its size. Even though it is hailed as the budget king, it is placed in the size category of a phablet. It now has a 5.5-inch display as compared to previous G4’s 5-inch screen. But even though it’s large, it is fantastic as the company bumps up the resolution to a full 1080p.

Overall, the performance, features, and design of the 2016 model of the Moto G4 hasn’t lost its touch and still reigns supreme as the king of budget-friendly smartphones. It has a price tag that many would not argue to just whip out their wallets to purchase the device. Simply speaking, this is a “bang for your buck” kind of deal.


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