Moto G4 Plus Review – Feeling Betrayed

The Moto G was hailed as one of the most valued budget-friendly smartphones to ever grace the tech sector, and now that it’s 2016, the Moto G4 Plus comes into the scene and many are feeling absolutely betrayed. This is the fourth generation of the original creation, and it has a screen that has been bloated out to 5.5-inches. Furthermore, the price has been bloated as well taking the phone to almost being within the mid-range class. Furthermore, the responsiveness that was seen in the original model is now gone.

Moto G4 Plus Review - Feeling Betrayed

The Moto G4 Plus is no Longer What it Used to be

Perhaps the foremost attraction of the Moto G4 Plus is that of its display. With a size of 5.5-inches, it has been given the IPS LCD treatment with a 1080p resolution. Therefore, you get exciting viewing angles and accurate balance of colors. For those who are looking at the screen alone, you would be quite excited to get your hands on this handset. But before you reach for your wallet, do note that this device takes one step forward and multiple steps back.

First of all, there’s its automatic brightness feature that can be slow at times to adapt to the current surroundings. Furthermore, there are times when the change in brightness are miniscule that it hardly makes a difference. This quibble grows even further as you start exploring the software within the G4 Plus.

To start, the Android software packed with the device contains jittery animations. Furthermore, the keyboard’s letter pop-ups do stay longer within the screen more than necessary, which can be a great annoyance as it slows down the speed of your typing. Then there’s about 2-seconds of a delay as it offers a review whenever you took that last photo with the phone’s camera. Just about everything in this fourth generation Moto G feels very sluggish, which is not what you can experience with the original model.

On the plus side, the Android still looks pretty as it is clean and uncluttered. However, and once again, that beautiful simplicity is bogged down by perhaps one of the worst smartphone performances you can imagine.

Therefore, before you reach for your wallet just because the display on the Moto G4 Plus looks really good, try doing a few tests by swiping here-and-there and opening up a few apps first. You won’t have a second thought to place the device back where you found it and move on to continue your search for a better unit.


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Moto G4 Plus Review – Feeling Betrayed
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