Moto Z Review – Going With the Modular Trend

The Moto Z is going forward with today’s smartphone trends as it sports a futuristic look and packed with future-proofed features, especially since the phone is modular. It has the same top-end specs that you can see on similarly priced competitors, but this one does add an extra punch. If you’ve heard about the Moto Mods, then you can use them here. They will snap back in the this smartphone, and as such it will extend the device’s capabilities such as battery life, give it name-brand fashion aesthetics, a better audio system, and even a portable projector. And it does all of these with impressive flair.

Moto Z Review - Going With the Modular Trend

The Moto Z is Perhaps the Best-Looking Phone by the Smartphone Manufacturer To-Date

Even though it sports modular capabilities, the Moto Z is one of the thinnest smartphones you can see on today’s market. This is, however, both a blessing and a curse. It only has a 5.2-millimeter thickness. For comparison’s sake, the Nexus 6P and the OnePlus 3’s designs have 7.3-millimeter thick chassis. While it does deliver a premium and very satisfying look, it is probably too thin. When holding it in the hand, the phone feels a bit flimsy, but this is without any Moto Mod snapped to its back. Furthermore, you will feel temperatures rise when you’re playing games. Without a Moto Mod, this is not the easiest phone to hold either primarily because it is not thick enough to comfortably hold in your hand.

Even though it does have a few drawbacks in terms of design, the Moto Z smartphone is perhaps the most sophisticated-looking unit from the manufacturer to-date. The glass on top of the display cascades beautifully down into the phone’s edges. It brings about the illusion that there are no bezels whatsoever. But that thought quickly dissipates as soon as you turn the device’s display on.

Speaking of its display, you will get a 5.5-inch QHD screen with this one, and it also follows the beauty of the phone’s overall look. It’s not only beautiful but it is also notably bright. If you’re a big fan of the latest hit craze Pokémon Go, then you would have no problems catching digital monsters with this device while walking around in broad daylight.

It should be noted for interested purchasers that the Moto Z beat Apple to the punch in doing away with the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Instead, if you want to listen to your favorite tracks, you would have to plug USB Type-C compatible headphones, or go completely wireless. With high-end specs, amazing looks, solid performance, and the ability to swap certain parts makes this smartphone a definite must-buy.


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Moto Z Review – Going With the Modular Trend
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