Motorola – Calls Out to Samsung Slyly Over Technology

Competition is always present towards many business sectors, and most especially the smartphone industry; and now, the rivalry has been sparked anew as Motorola calls out to Samsung over stealing the idea of the Always On Display. When it comes to competition within this space, it does seem that the consumer will always be right. However, there are times when fights such as this recent one can get a bit out of hand.

Motorola - Calls Out to Samsung Slyly Over Technology

Motorola Calls Out Samsung Slyly in Twitter Over Always On Display Tech

Motorola took it out in popular social networking portal Twitter to let the public know about the latest beef it has with South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung. It tweeted that Samsung’s alleged theft of their Always On Display feature, but it did so in an indirect manner. However, the tweet, albeit low key, is still obvious enough that the message can immediately get through. Since its posting, it had already sparked quite the lively debate over at Twitter as the nature of the “theft” and innovation of the feature has brought outside of the world of patent and copyright law.

The tweet from Motorola stated the following: “In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor phones’ cool features?” The tweet also has an accompanying photo of a Moto Z and its Always On Display feature in use.

Because of this, it does come on the heels of the already great sales figures found on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which are the first two phones from this particular firm that does sport the Always On Display. While there are older phones that obviously claim the pedigree of having the first displays to be always on (well, almost), it does usually turn off after 30-minutes of a user’s inactivity. In fact, the first Android device to have such a feature was indeed a Moto device, which was the Moto X which was released back in 2013.

This issue brought about by Motorola here is that, for all intents and purposes, the feature is claimed to come from Samsung despite the fact that Moto was the one that did it first. The South Korean tech firm has placed the patent for this feature for the Galaxy S7 product line. To add more salt to injury, Samsung was able to effectively popularize the feature but there are already a lot of people who are siding with Moto for this debate.


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Motorola – Calls Out to Samsung Slyly Over Technology
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