Motorola Moto G4 Play Review – Budget-Friendly Goodness

If you’re looking for a very capable smartphone that won’t let you break the bank, or even put a dent on it, then you might want to check out the Motorola Moto G4 Play. This is a handset unlike many others found within the budget-friendly price category. Why? Simply because it is surprisingly pleasant to use. Do take note that the Moto G4 does come with a larger screen, a faster processor, and a better camera, but that comes at a fairly larger price than the G4 Play. Nevertheless, the G4 Play makes a very compelling offer for anyone who has a really tight budget.

Motorola Moto G4 Play Review - Budget-Friendly Goodness

The Motorola Moto G4 Play is Surprisingly Pleasant to Use, for a Budget Smartphone

When you are on the market and see a low-budget phone on display, you might immediately assume that its lower-than-average offerings wouldn’t be worth your time; but take a second to try out the Motorola Moto G4 Play and you might even give it a second thought. Turning the unit on and actually using it, there wouldn’t be a moment wherein you would think that you can’t use it. As a matter of fact, it has a very wonderful balance of price and value. It offers great performance for all the basic functionalities of a smartphone such as texting, making calls, and sending and receiving emails. Snapping and uploading photos are seamless as well.

In terms of design, the Moto G4 Play is pretty much identical to that of the original Moto G4, but it is just a wee bit smaller. It has, however, a relatively low display of 1,280 x 720-pixel resolution for its 5-inch screen, but when you heavily consider its price point, then you won’t be complaining about it for long. Nonetheless, the images and websites do look fairly sharp. Still, looking at the screen under sunlight, even with the adaptive brightness feature turned on, you will have a bit of trouble looking at it unless you cover the screen to block out the sun’s light.

Looking at the rear of the Motorola Moto G4 Play and you will be able to see the 8-megapixel camera. Snap some pictures or take some videos, and you would be surprised by the better-than-average performance that it can bring. So is this the best phone out on the market? Definitely not. But it is definitely worth your cash should you be under a very tight budget.


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Motorola Moto G4 Play Review – Budget-Friendly Goodness
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