Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds Review – Think Twice First

What are the Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds? This is part of the launched spin-off brand by Motorola called VerveLife. This division is described as a “collection of wearable, wireless and waterproof devices,” and it means to accommodate “on-the-go lifestyles.” Reading the description on paper, you would immediately think that it’s all well and good. However, these true wireless pair of earbuds will set you back by a lot, and you might even have to break a bit of the bank while you’re at it. This has an extremely high price tag for a pair of audio-listening devices without a lot of bells and whistles.

Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds Review - Think Twice First

The Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds Will Set You Back by a Whole Lot

One look at the Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds and you will be met with a genulnely tiny pair of headphones. To know how small each earbud is, note that they are about the size of a marble with just a bit of silicone insert that’s jutting out. As for the color combination, it’s either a “love it or hate it” kind of deal. The orange and black motif might throw off some people, and there might be some that might like it. Well, at the very least you would know what earbud goes into the left or right ears because of the “L” and “R” markings.

There is also a circular button that can be found on each backside of each bud, and this particular button can be used to control phone calls or music playback. The other side of these buttons are small pins, which are used for charging.

Speaking of charging, this is perhaps the best feature of the Motorola VerveOnes+. This is because these headphones come packaged with a compact, cylindrical pod made out of plastic. This is the charging pod for the earbuds, and the pod can be plugged in through a microUSB connection. You will then see a faint white glow whenever the units are plugged in.

What about the audio quality of the Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds? The sound is pretty decent, but there are times when the connection with the connected device will drop out, but pairing the earbuds with your phone will only take a matter of seconds, but it is still quite a bit of an annoyance. Ultimately, these earbuds are pretty decent, which doesn’t make sense considering the immense money you have to pay for it.


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Motorola VerveOnes+ True Wireless Earbuds Review – Think Twice First
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