Mozilla Firefox – Say Goodbye to Hello

Mozilla Firefox, one of the famous browsers many are using, is pulling the plug on Firefox Hello, as per what is said on its website. It will be discontinued on the 13th of September, and it will be removed when users will upgrade their browsers to version 49. However, there are alternatives to this service wherein users of Hello can fall back on, and these include, Kitsi Meet, Cisco Spark, and Talky.

Mozilla Firefox - Say Goodbye to Hello

Mozilla Firefox Will be Pulling the Plug on its Hello Service on September 13

It was back in late 2014 when Mozilla Firefox first introduced the Hello service to the masses. It was joined in with the release of version 34. It was based off of WebRTC, and this means that users of the browser were not required to install any kind of special software on their computers to make free voice calls, free video calls, or send text messages. However, it was required that all users would have to use a microphone, and of course the Firefox browser. Also, users can also use an option webcam for the video calls. As for the recipients of the calls and texts, they would have to use a WebRTC-capable browser which include Opera and Google Chrome.

To begin a conversation with the use of Mozilla Firefox Hello, all users of this browser would only have to click on the smiley face “Hello” button found on the browser’s toolbar. Then, you would have to choose “Browse this page with a friend.” After that, you would then be presented with options to share the link on Facebook, or you can email the URL with the default email client. Those who were able to see and click on the link can join in on the conversation.

In its website, it simply states the following: “Thank you for supporting Hello beta. We will continue to develop and improve WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications), the underlying technology of Hello.” News of the discontinuation of the services was broken just after the browser released version 48 on the 2nd of August. As per Mozilla’s Nick Nguyen, the browser will be less susceptible to freezing, and is “more responsive” to input.

Aside from the news of the discontinuation of the service, the new version of Mozilla Firefox include an updated awesome bar which provides an extended list of suggestions whenever users make a new search query, as well as a redesign on the Discovery Pane.


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Mozilla Firefox – Say Goodbye to Hello
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