Music Player by InnovTech – Free Music App Review

There is no shortage of generically-named apps in Google Play, and one of those is the Music Player by InnovTech mobile application. So why should you, at the very least, try this one out? For those who are into moving visuals while your audio files are playing, this is probably the one to get. What’s more is that it features an MP3 Cutter tool. So if you want to get a portion of a track to be made into your ringtone, you no longer have to download a separate app for that.

Music Player by InnovTech - Free Music App Review

The Music Player by InnovTech Separates Itself From the Many Others With its MP3 Cutter Tool

Other features found within the Music Player by InnovTech mobile application include a 5-band equalizer, lock screen access to music playback controls, support for all common audio and music file formats, navigation based on tags and folders, support for the creation of playlists, and instant playback for OGG and FLAC files.

As mentioned earlier, the highlight of this particular app is not with how it sounds like nor how easy it is to navigate through your files, but with its mp3 cutter and ringtone making features. So what does this essentially do? Well, the names of the features are already self-explanatory, but once you hop onto it, there’s literally no further explanation needed.

Using the mp3 cutter feature is as simple as loading your audio file, and an image pops up which are the wavelengths of the file you’ve just chosen. Now all you have to do is just highlight the area you want to keep and then cut it. You can then save the cut piece-of-audio into your local directory so that you can make it as a ringtone, or just mess around with your friends with it.

But how does it sound like? The Music Player by InnovTech app is pretty much generic in this sense, although you do get a 5-band equalizer that works pretty well. Using it allows you to fine-tune your audio listening experience, so if you ever want to put more in the lower end of the audio spectrum for that added kick and punch in the bass, you can definitely do so.

Because of how simple it is to use the Music Player by InnovTech mobile application, you won’t have a lot of trouble using it. Furthermore, even when you just give it a try, it won’t take a single penny from you.


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