Music Player – just LISTENit – Free Music App Review

The Music Player – just LISTENit is developed by SHAREit Technologies, which is also the same studio responsible for the widely used file transfer application. With this thought alone, you would already know that this music listening app is a keeper in your mobile device. So what is this mobile application all about? It is a local music player that separates itself from many others with multi-format support and a Night Mode feature. The latter functionality lets you make use of the app without putting too much strain on your eyes when looking at your device’s screen around dark or low light conditions.

Music Player – just LISTENit – Free Music App Review

With Music Player – just LISTENit, Listening to Music Doesn’t Have to Strain Your Eyes (so to Speak)

According to the Google Play page of Music Player – just LISTENit, there have been 4-million app users within a span of just 9-months. Before moving forward, let’s just get one thing out of the way first, and that is the app is a local audio playing application. This means that it will only play audio files that come from the device’s local directory. It won’t let you stream or download music from an online source.

But when you’re rummaging through your many files within the app, you will be able to take advantage of a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that is not a hassle to use. Browsing local music files can be done within mere seconds as the app automatically detects the sources of said files. Whether they can be found within SD card folders, ID3 tags, or the built-in Gallery app of your phone, these will all appear within the Music Player – just LISTENit app.

This particular music playing app also makes use of a powerful equalizer. The equalizer even has 23 presets that are based on popular music genres, such as Blues, Pop, Jazz, Country, R&B, Rock, Dance, Classical, DJ, Folk, Electronic, Heavy Metal, Normal, and Piano. You can even make your own Custom preset if you so desire. The equalizer also comes with a Music Bass Booster so that you can enhance the low-end frequencies of your tracks even further.

Supported files when playing tracks with the Music Player – just LISTENit mobile application include mp3, MIDI, mp4, AAC, OGG, FLAC, and more; also, you can even create your own playlists to compile all your favorites together into neater lists. One Google User by the name of nagaraj Vijayagaran had this to say about the app: “The Best!!! LISTENit!! Honestly Rocking Player. Can’t ask for more. Good quality, ( NOooo! ADs ) clean interface (UI). Equaliser with required options. Clean file sorting, and lite. And one more thing…. Change color themes, your choice.”


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