Music Player Pro by Ting Studio – Free Music App Review

Another app to join the ranks of the generic-named audio-playing applications over at Google Play is Music Player Pro by Ting Studio. But before you just give it the cold shoulder because of its generic name, why not give it a whirl? After all, it won’t cost you a cent in doing so. That’s right, the app is completely free to download, try out, and use all of its features. With that being said, what makes this different from many of the music-playing apps out there? For starters, you can easily sort your playlists with the simple gesture of dragging. You can also make use of a five-band equalizer to fine tune your audio to suit your tastes.

Music Player Pro by Ting Studio - Free Music App Review

The Music Player Pro by Ting Studio Makes for an Interesting Yet Solid Choice

So what can you experience with the Music Player Pro by Ting Studio mobile application? You can gain access to a bunch of features such as letting the app automatically detect all your audio files inside your phone and then let it add to a certain playlist. Speaking of which, this is not an online audio streaming app but an application that will only play music files that are found within the local device’s directory. There is no feature for searching and downloading audio files online, so if that’s your goal when looking for an app over at Google Play, then it might be best to look somewhere else.

Moving forward with the features, you can also gain access to widgets so that you can play, pause, and control the playback of your tracks right from your device’s home screen. The Music Player Pro by Ting Studio app also has the ability to fetch album art from the stored files, and it will also compile a list of recently played songs every time.

As mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of a five-band equalizer, which works quite good. You can also edit song details, and you can also sing along to your favorite songs for as long as you have the lyric file because the app has lyric file support.

With the Music Player Pro by Ting Studio mobile application, it is a very good application, but do note it has the basics boiled down. There are almost no bells and whistles added here. But for what it can do, it can do them good, not to mention that that GUI is quite easy to operate with so you wouldn’t have any trouble searching for your audio files.


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