Musixmatch Lyrics – Free Music App Review

With Musixmatch Lyrics you can sing along to your favorite tracks, with or without a beautiful voice. It claims to be the world’s largest collection of song lyrics. However, it might not just be an ordinary claim. In fact, it might even be downright true. You can even get synchronized lyrics for music found in YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and many other online services. You can even use the app to get song translations on the go. With this particular app, you no longer have to sing the wrong lyrics ever again.

Musixmatch Lyrics - Free Music App Review

Musixmatch Lyrics Lets You Sing Loud and Proud, With the Correct Lyrics

What are the features found within the Musixmatch Lyrics mobile application? For starters, you can enjoy instant lyrics capturing from songs and tracks found within multiple online services including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and a lot of others. Furthermore, you can even tap on the real-time notification so that it will instantly display the Floating Lyrics widget. So whatever it is that you’re currently playing, this app will instantly grab the lyrics for your chosen track. No more searching for Google for those lyrics.

You can even use the Musixmatch Lyrics app to learn new languages because it can display the translation of the lyrics, and it can do this in real-time. You can even search for your favorite song by typing in the title, artist, or perhaps with just one line of the lyrics. In other words, if you’ve got a song stuck in your head and all you know is one line of lyrics, then all you need to do is input that one line into the search bar and let the app handle the rest for you.

This is a highly intuitive app that lets you sing loud and proud to your favorite songs because you no longer have to scream to the heavens the wrong lyrics. Other features include a smart seek functionality so you can easily skip through a song just by using the progress bar, the ability to share the lyrics of your favorite song to your social media accounts, and also lets users play YouTube videos in full-screen mode while the app seamlessly integrates within the video.

There’s a bunch of things to enjoy when using the Musixmatch Lyrics app. But if there was one department that might need improvement, it is that you can’t download the lyrics into your device. Hence, whenever you play a video, the lyrics just stay there. If you want to sing with the lyrics again, then you have to access it once more when you’re device is connected to the Internet.


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