Muzik One Review – Smart Headphone You Can Live Without

The Muzik One immediately separates itself from the crowd as the brand launched the headphones with a partnership with Spotify. So what’s the difference with just about every other headphone out there that can play tracks from the very popular music streaming service? Well, this is one pair of “connected” headphones that will let you immediately share to your social media accounts with whatever it is that you’re listening to with just a tap of the button. With this feature, posting “#NowPlaying” towards your social media accounts has never been so easy. That being said, however, this single feature alone does not justify the huge heft in its price tag.

Muzik One Review - Smart Headphone You Can Live Without

The Muzik One Lets You Share What You’re Listening to Social Media Platforms

Regardless as to whether or not the Muzik One does have a unique feature for sharing, the headphones do look and feel quite nice. It is constructed out of aircraft aluminum, and the soft leather covering both the earcups provides an above-average level of comfort. What’s more, the headphones can be folded inward for better portability. As such, you can place it inside your bag or purse with minimal problems.

For it to sell more, the One comes with interchangeable cushions, and they easily attach and detach through the use of magnets. Hence, you no longer have to grit your teeth or pull a muscle when trying to change the ear cushions, as compared to some other headphones on the market. No matter what ear cushion you use, they still provide that above-average level of comfort.

Speaking of these cushions, they do boast “passive noise-isolation,” in which it means it can block out outside noise because of enough padding. It doesn’t have an active noise cancelling feature like the famous Bose Quiet Comfort 35, but it still does a pretty great job of dimming out the sounds of the outside world.

So how does the Muzik One sound like? In terms of audio performance, it’s pretty good, but it won’t be making your mouth agape with much enthusiasm either. It has custom-tuned 40-millimeter drivers powering the audio, and it works with enhanced digital sound processing. This means that audio purists might want to look elsewhere as there is an obvious boost in low-end signatures. Overall, the pair of headphones does provide a decent level of comfort, build quality, and audio performance. However, even though the unique sharing feature gives it added points, it doesn’t do much justice for its high-end price tag.


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