My Mixtapez Music – Free Music App Review

If you’re a huge fan of mixtapes, then it might be to your best interest to try out My Mixtapez Music. Available in Google Play as a free download, you can listen to a whole new world of music, the likes of which that are beyond your device’s local directory. Furthermore, you don’t have to rely solely on an Internet connection because you are allowed to download an unlimited number of mixtapes so that you can listen to them offline. That is already a boon in itself, especially when you’re about to go somewhere for hours (or perhaps even days) without an Internet connection, and you want to listen to your favorite tracks.

My Mixtapez Music - Free Music App Review

My Mixtapez Music Makes Listening Easier Without an Internet Connection

What are the other features of My Mixtapez Music? Aside from being able to download an unlimited number of tracks, you can also stream an endless supply of mixtapes as well. Also, there is also a social aspect to the app wherein you can share whatever it is you’re listening to with your friends over at your social media accounts. Furthermore, you can also stream the latest music videos that are found within the app’s database. But if you really want hours upon hours of listening, then you might want to try out the My Mixtapez Radio.

Since this is a free app, then you would expect advertisements between tracks, and for the My Mixtapez Music app there are quite a few of them. In fact, you might even hear an advertisement almost every time a track ends and before another audio file will start. However, do note that this is just for when you’re listening to audio using online mode. So when you download these mixtapes into your device’s local directory, the advertisements literally disappear. So if you’re not too pressed for space on your device, then you can just download every mixtape you find and just listen without an Internet connection to get rid of the ads entirely.

Google Member Ty S even says that My Mixtapez Music “has way too many ads. On Wi-Fi that is… but still a good reliable source of new music.” Hence, if you want something new to listen to, then why not give this particular audio playing app a chance? After all, it won’t charge you anything for you to try it out, well, perhaps just a bit of your time. But if you’re wondering if it’s going to take anything out of your wallet, then the answer is no.


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