Naim Mu-so QB Review – Power That Looks the Part

One look at the Naim Mu-so QB and you would immediately think that the speaker is definitely built for power. It is the type of sound-blasting device that you would want if you’re into house parties. This ultra-high-end wireless speaker is even thought to be a perfect hit for the Apple Store, due to its premium design as well as its large audio quality ambitions. That being said, if you are looking for such a speaker, be prepared to spend some serious cash on this one.

Naim Mu-so QB Review – Power That Looks the Part

The Naim Mu-so QB Has the Weight and Cost of a Serious Speaker

For those who are looking for a mid-sized wireless speaker, the Naim Mu-so QB is considered one of the best to purchase in today’s market. Furthermore, and as mentioned earlier, it sports enough audio power for parties.

There are many traditional hi-fi speakers that are hardly to be called the epitome of modern design. A lot of wireless speakers sport the “boring black” look that does not entice many to purchase such devices. But even though the Naim Mu-so QB Speaker has a black casing, it is considered as one of the cooler-looking units around. Aside from a black finish, it does have a brushed-metal top, and in its center you will find a large volume dial. Speaking of its center, users will also find the unit’s display in this area as well.

However, its display is not of the LCD type, but it is an array of light-up icons. So what does this mean? For example, say you’re using Spotify, the name of the service will appear on the display. When you switch to a Bluetooth connection and play tracks using your device’s storage, then the icon will be replaced with a Bluetooth one; everything about the display is kept simple, which is great if you’re not looking for a speaker with a full-blown “computer” interface.

But what does it sound like? As mentioned earlier, this thing clearly has the power, which means that it is capable of reaching volumes that might even alert the people living in the next block. It does bring out a bit more bass as compared to some of its rivals, which means this is far from just your average bookshelf speaker.

Just like other wireless speakers that promote good audio performance, the Naim Mu-so QB makes clever use of digital sound processing (DSP). This will ensure that it will sound right at any volume. Therefore, you can blast all the party tunes you want all night long and it will dish out “eargasmic” music all the time. It even has the impressive bass despite its medium-sized architecture.


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