Nest – An End is a New Beginning

Standalone smart-home gadgets company Nest is breaking up with Alphabet. However, all is not lost, and as a matter of fact, this is perhaps a start of a wonderful new beginning as the firm is moving the software group back into known Internet-giant, Google.

Nest - An End is a New Beginning

Nest Labs Moving Out of Alphabet and Moving Into Google

Nest will still continue to be alive as a subsidiary of Alphabet as it will still continue to develop their own brand of hardware, such as their popular Internet-connect thermostat. However, there will be a number of programmers from the smart-home device firm, dozens in fact, that will now be going after the real prize, and that is joining their efforts with Google’s bright minds in conquering the living room and other areas of the home. Developers from both companies will now work together in formulating solutions, such as the upcoming Google Home, which is the search engine companies answer to Amazon’s Echo, a voice-controlled speaker/personal assistant.

These re-assigned programmers from Nest Labs will now be working under the wing of Google’s Senior Vice President of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer, who is also taking charge in certain devices such as the company’s Chromecast TV streaming unit. For the fact that the developers will now be reporting under Google’s Senior VP, it does tell people that the search engine giant is shaking things up. It is also another sign that Google is planning to become the center of the universe, and Android will have a major role in the grand scheme of things.

Generally speaking, it has been known for quite some time now that Google’s expertise primarily lies on software as the firm is seen to have some difficulty with regards to creating hardware. It should be known that the cost for creating physical things is high while the margins are low. Furthermore, Google’s real specialty lies within their search engine and its surrounding web services, such as that of Gmail and its cloud storage platform Google Drive.

Therefore, when the search engine and Internet company purchased Nest back in 2014 for the sum of #3.2-billion, it did raise some skepticism. After all, Nest Labs is very much a hardware company, especially when you take note of its popular thermostat, as well as its lauded home security system. Putting the hardware developers into the Android division is another signal that the era of multiple OSs is now over for Google, and Android is now becoming to be a more common platform for everything tech-related made from the company.


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Nest – An End is a New Beginning
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