Nest Cam Outdoor Review – Eyes on a Lot of Things

If you’ve liked the Nest Cam Indoor, then you’re probably going to shell out the extra cash for the Nest Cam Outdoor as well. This is because this is basically just the Indoor model, but it is now wrapped in a weather-friendly finish. Furthermore, it is now offered to people who are looking for a DIY outdoor camera.

Nest Cam Outdoor Review - Eyes on a Lot of Things

The Nest Cam Outdoor is Basically the Nest Cam Indoor But Weather-Sealed

For some, adding some teensy features to the Nest Cam Outdoor might seem like a lazy move, but you should consider that the Indoor unit is already a great security camera. Therefore, it would make sense that the core specs are still applied to this Outdoor model, but beefed up its exteriors to withstand the harshness of the outside world.

Aside from giving the Nest Outdoor Camera a slight upgrade over the Indoor variant in terms of hardware, the company also updated its app to give every user 3 free hours of event-based cloud storage. Does the amount seem quite small? Yes, but do take note that this is already a significant upgrade when compared to other DIY cameras on the market.

When you consider the vast majority of outdoor security cameras on the market, it does make you wonder where does Nest’s offering stand out from all of them. While all of those contenders do share a lot of similarities, they do have one major distinction which is their power source. This is because users would have to choose, depending on the model, if they would opt to acquire a unit that is powered by a power cord or with batteries. With this Outdoor camera from Nest, you will get a 25-foot power cord that is already long enough to reach outlets that are quite far. Do take note that there are some advantages of a model that is powered by a power-cord as compared to a battery-operated one, especially when you consider that you don’t have to scramble towards the store to purchase another set of batteries should the current ones die out.

So is the Nest Cam Outdoor the ideal security camera to get? It is still a bit difficult to recommend primarily because the alerts can get sporadic. In other words, it will give you alerts every time it detects activity with its sensors. But what you can get is crisp HD video resolution that are acquired through its wide-angle lens. If you don’t mind all those false-positive alerts, then you might consider this camera out.


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