Nest – Trying to Pretty Up Your Home With New Thermostat Colors

Thermostats are known to have dreary and/or traditional colors of black, gray, silver, or even white, but Nest is now thinking that their own line of temperature reading smart devices can pretty up your home, even by just a tiny bit. Not only that, your home is now about to get safer as well as the new line of smart thermostats come with new features.

Nest - Trying to Pretty Up Your Home With New Thermostat Colors

New Nest Thermostats Make Your Home Prettier and Safer

Nest stated the following in a blog post that has been published on Thursday as the company announced their new line of Thermostats: “We think you should be proud of anything that’s on your wall. It’s your home and your style. It says so much about you. Since every house has a different style, we first chose the Nest Thermostat’s modern, refined stainless steel to complement any room. Now, in three new colors, it will shine in any setting.”

Even though it has been known that different styles when it comes to technology do come and go, the company now known for their smart thermostats are banking on the idea that saving energy, which would also mean saving money, will always be important. The company already says that its thermostats have already saved its users about 8-billion kilowatt hours of energy. It is hoping to increase that figure as it tries to produce and send more of their thermostats into more homes within the United States and beyond.

According to the Nest team, they are now improving its line of security cameras on Thursday. There is a new software update towards the brand’s Wi-Fi connected cameras, and these are the Nest Cam Outdoor and the Nest Cam Indoor. The update brings something called Sightline, wherein it “shows you what Nest Cam has seen and lets you speed through days of recorded video in seconds.”

With the new feature embedded into the Nest security cameras, extracting key footage can be done in an easier manner, and it will no longer require wading through hours of footage. In other words, you will be able to locate what you’re looking for in no time flat. Aside from this new feature, the firm also announced that they will be adding person alerts into the camera’s mix of features so that nobody goes unnoticed. Also, they’re beefing up the software within the camera so that you won’t get any false notifications, such as when other cameras picking up a tree swaying in the wind.


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Nest – Trying to Pretty Up Your Home With New Thermostat Colors
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