Neutron – An Advanced Android Music Player

Music players on Android are plentiful, ranging from the stock player on your device, to free and paid apps on the Play Store; Neutron is one such example among many. To most people, music player apps are kept stock as most think these apps all sound the same; that’s not the case here, enter the Audiophiles or the people who take music/sound quality seriously. Audiophiles can be a picky bunch, just like how they meticulously dissect each track in search for pure audio bliss, audiophiles won’t settle for less when it comes to the playback device, some go for a dedicated solution, while other “audiophiles on a budget” go for a portable or all in one setup mostly relying on phones for the music playback. The thing with Android phones is most of them don’t focus on sound quality that much making the internals a bottleneck for overall sound quality even with high end output devices such as headphones; this app seeks to make the most of the available hardware and aims to provide the best quality among other music player apps on the market.

Neutron - An Advanced Android Music Player

Neutron Can Seem Busy at First, But the Overall Experience is Worthwhile

Neutron is developed by a small indie development team and their mindset is from an Audiophile’s point of view; they focus on maximizing sound quality first before trying to optimize the user interface. In this regard, the app’s UI is very clunky, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to get lost in the app especially upon first use. Upon opening the music player interface is presented with a huge album art display at the center, playback controls below it, track details and an options and settings row of controls above the album art. Once you get the app running for the first time, chances are the music folder on your phone needs to be searched and doing so requires menu-diving. It’ll take forever to talk about in this review but on the other hand, all this complicated stuff points to the app’s greatest strength; its advanced options for the best sound output.

Coming in with a ton of features from basics such as an equalizer, lyrics, equalizer presets, to more advanced stuff such as automatic gain protection, DSP effects, 64-bit processing compatibility, hardware compatibility and optimization, among many more features, as well as a clock and alarm function. Neutron for Android offers the level of settings and fine tuning that audiophiles look for like how they find appreciation in the instrument-separation in the track they’re listening to.

Neutron can be a handful at first but once you get the basics such as finding your music folder and getting comfy with the basic settings such as opting for an equalizer or leaving the output as raw as possible, the sound output is clear, clean, and noticeably better than the stock player. Tweak a few more advanced settings to maximize your device’s capabilities and you have yourself a music player that’s hard to replace.


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Neutron – An Advanced Android Music Player
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