New York City – Heat to Kill by the Thousands by 2080

Perhaps in just about every area around the globe, the effects of climate change can be felt, and in several areas, the temperatures continue to rise, especially within New York City. There are already a lot of Americans that die from heat waves across the nation than from all other natural disasters combined, as per If nothing is done, then the situation will worsen over the next 60-years.

New York City – Heat to Kill by the Thousands by 2080

New York City Heat Waves to Worsen in 60 Years if Nothing is Changed

By the year 2080, the number of hot days in a year, in New York City and other areas around the globe, will triple. There will be as many as 3,331 people that could perish from very strong heat exposure every summer just in New York alone. If there are no steps to find a solution for the problem, or if there is nothing that can be done in order to adapt to climate change and reduce emissions, then in 60-years, the city might become uninhabitable.

The information regarding the drastic effects of climate change comes from a new study from Columbia University that has been published in Environmental Health Perspectives. In the research, it analyzed the effects of future climate change phenomena on NYC. It used the data from 33 global climate change models. These models include estimates on migration to the city, greenhouse gas emission trajectories, future population sizes, and certain demographics. Aside from these sources of information, the aforementioned study also looked into the availability of public cooling centers and air conditioning.

Even though steps are going to be made as early as now, there will still be a death toll come 2080, but the number will only be half as much as the study estimates to be at a figure of 1,552 annual deaths because of heat waves. These steps include reducing fossil fuel use, as well as coating roofs with a reflective kind of paint. Nevertheless, that number is still more than double than heat wave-related deaths of today. According to Reuters, there were approximately 600 heat-related deaths per year in New York alone between the years 2000 and 2006.

Recent studies and findings show that 2016 is now the hottest year the Earth has ever been, and it can most certainly be felt in different areas around the globe, which includes New York City. This is in accordance to recent information brought about by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


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New York City – Heat to Kill by the Thousands by 2080
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