Nintendo 64 – Celebrating 20 Years

Even though the Nintendo 64, back in its day, was continuously battered by poor sales, especially when comparing it from the company’s previous consoles. Then came the first Sony PlayStation in which gave the Nintendo console an even tougher challenger to beat. Nevertheless, the N64 accommodated some of the best games the videogame industry has ever seen in history.

Nintendo 64 – Celebrating 20 Years

The Nintendo 64 Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

The Nintendo 64 was first debuted back on the year 1996, in the 23rd of June. For 2016, the console celebrates its 20-year anniversary, and it is the year that it is expected wherein then Japanese gaming company will reveal their next console project, the Nintendo NX. For now, we look back at some of the best games the N64 had to offer.

First of all, there was the legendary Super Mario 64, which is also the first game for the Italian plumber to be ever made into a full 3D title. While there was some skeptics at that time as they thought that Mario is better off staying as a 2D platformer, it was received very well b the gaming community. The game starred, of course, the red-and-blue-themed plumber known for jumping on the heads of his enemies still has to do the same thing in the Nintendo 64 version of the game, and that is to save the kingdom from the clutches of Bowser. Even though it did have the same plot as practically almost Super Mario game, there was a lot of things that can be done such as punching, kicking, and even flying.

Aside from Super Mario 64, there was GoldenEye 007, which was released back in 1997. What it had was a well-placed single player mode that even outshone its terrific arena multiplayer, which is something that you now rarely see these days. It did not just prove that the first-person-shooter (FPS) genre could work on consoles, but it was proof that videogame and movie tie-ins can indeed keep up with some of the big titles in the gaming industry.

Lastly, there was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was released for the Nintendo 64 back in the year 1998. It was referred to one of the most expertly crafted and highly enjoyable video games of all time. So much so, that it was remastered for a newer Nintendo console, the Nintendo 3DS. The title was even known to have kickstarted the boost in sales for the otherwise sluggish market performance of the handheld console.


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