PlayStation 4 – Comparing the New Unit to the New Xbox One

There are several reports floating around that there is a new Sony PlayStation 4 in the works. Microsoft has already jumped the gun by announcing their upcoming console, codenamed “Project Scorpio,” back in their E3 event for this year. Information about the two upcoming consoles are pretty scarce, and the gaming community currently relies on bits of rumors floating around the World Wide Web. Even though this is the current state of the community, what we do know is what they are capable of doing. After all, they wouldn’t be called upgrades for nothing.

PlayStation 4 - Comparing the New Unit to the New Xbox One

Comparing the New PlayStation 4 With the New Xbox One

To start this competition, you might be asking as to which of the two consoles is the more powerful one; would it be the new PlayStation 4, or Microsoft’s Project Scorpio? The answer is the latter console, and by a wide margin too. This is because of the new graphics processor that Project Scorpio is capable of handling. This is mainly due to the graphics engine to produce more horsepower than what Sony’s upcoming console, which is reportedly dubbed to be the “Neo” system, can handle.

Well, instead of measuring its capabilities in horsepower, the computer prowess will be measured in “FLOPS,” which is an acronym for what is essentially a stand-in for “how many equations can be done per second.” On that note, Microsoft’s contender is able to deliver 6 teraflops whereas the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo can only handle 4.2. Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter stated the following regarding the power difference of the two consoles: “It’s around 40-percent faster, calling to mind the advantage PS4 had over Xbox One.”

Another leading question is that which of the two upcoming home gaming systems cost more? At the time of writing, this particular piece of information is being kept under tightly closed doors within Sony and Microsoft’s walls. However, the gaming community does speculate that the pricier of the two is the upcoming Project Scorpio, especially when you take into account the top-of-the-line graphics engine it will have.

But does this mean that Project Scorpio has more to offer than the upcoming PlayStation 4 model? Well, not really;  both consoles are capable of playing standard games from their current-generation consoles, and both of the systems will be able to play games at 4K/UHD resolution, albeit the Xbox One model will be at a slight advantage in terms of graphics capabilities.


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