Nextbit Robin Review – Making Full Use of the Cloud

While many smartphones are vying for better storage space, the Nextbit Robin goes on and does something different as this is the world’s only “cloud-first smartphone.” This phone has been designed to soothe your woes so that you could practically never run out of storage ever again. The idea became such a hit that the Kickstarter funding campaign was accomplished beautifully, and the funds even crashed through the roof. The campaign was able to pull in almost three times the amount in terms of pre-orders. This is no easy feat for such a fledgling company, especially if you decide to go up against the entire Android market. While it does have a few unique tricks up its sleeve, will these be enough to bring forth a new revolution in using smartphones everywhere?

Nextbit Robin Review - Making Full Use of the Cloud

The Nextbit Robin is the World’s Only Cloud-First Smartphone

Right off the bat, the Nextbit Robin certainly has a unique look. While many handsets are sporting a curvy design, this one sports a blocky and rectangular exterior. It is then finished off with a soft-touch polycarbonate. The phone has a 5.2-inch display, and it does well in being quite compact.

The Robin emanates a playful look as it has colors that are out of the ordinary. Comparing it to smartphones that sport either a black, white, or even a rose gold exterior, this device from startup company Nextbit is colored in mint green and white. However, for fans of the more traditional look, there is also a black variant.

The phone itself is comfortable to hold and to handle, albeit it is quite the large phone. In terms of size alone, its nearest competitor would that be of the Sony Xperia Z5. And just like Sony’s high-end model, Nextbit’s cloud-first smartphone has a fingerprint sensor and a power button located on the right edge. Because of this smart placement, it makes it easy to unlock the phone just with the use of your thumb.

Of course, the biggest selling point of the device is that of its cloud-based features, wherein the Nextbit Robin clearly makes a whole lot of use for it. When talking about cloud storage, that technology is a godsend for people who like to take a ton of pictures, videos, or download a lot of apps. The phone itself has an internal storage of 32GB, but the company also gives users 100GB of free cloud storage out of the box. Furthermore, it has a neat feature wherein it will automatically place unused apps into the cloud when it detects you’re not using them for quite some time. You can then download them back into the phone for when you want to make use of them once more. This entire idea is unique and intriguing, however, the overall performance of the device still falls short for beating many within the smartphone space.


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Nextbit Robin Review – Making Full Use of the Cloud
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