Nexus 5X Review – Can’t Handle the Power

The Nexus 5 was arguably one of the best smartphones when it came out, and it offered premium features for a budget price; now, it’s successor, the Nexus 5X brings the same formula into the mix, and even more. Just like in other more decent sequels, movies or handsets, this time around the newer device is better than the original, except in two areas – the price and the battery life.

Nexus 5X Review - Can't Handle the Power

The Nexus 5X is to be Enjoyed, if You Can Make it Last Long Enough

When you’ve won the lottery or just want to splurge on your cash, then the Nexus 5X isn’t probably on your list as you would rather go for more higher-end smartphones. However, for those who do want more than the average performance and feature offerings, while still being able to maintain your spending allowance, then this is probably the phone that you’re looking for. In terms of construction, it is proudly plastic, but don’t ditch it just yet just because it’s not made of metal. Even though it is encased in plastic, the choice of material does come with two big benefits: it’s lightweight and it can even survive a fall without letting you pick up the shattered pieces afterwards because there won’t be any.

There is also a durable Gorilla Glass 3 5.2-inch screen is indeed a step further from the display found in the Nexus 5. Furthermore, you will like the sides of the 5X smartphone to be risen slightly higher than the screen. While seemingly nothing, it does take a lot of pressure off of the screen. Therefore, so long as your phone doesn’t hit the ground face first, then the device will most probably survive.

Even though it has quite the budget-friendly price tag, it even has a working fingerprint sensor, and it works really well. Just like the likes of the iPhone 6s and the Galaxy S6, you would just have to tap your finger on the sensor and it will either unlock the phone or even authorize permissions to use an app.

There are also a bunch of other features mixed into the new formula that is the Nexus 5X. It even has a fast-charging system with its new USB Type-C connector. However, faster charging would not compensate its really poor battery life. In fact, this handset might have the poorest battery performance you can experience to-date. It is quite sad as the device would otherwise become a clear winner in the competition.


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Nexus 5X Review – Can’t Handle the Power
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