Nintendo – Is Super Mario Run a Right Decision?

The gaming community is akin to a mixed bag as there will always be people who will adore the decisions made by companies with regards to their games, and there will always be those who simply detest those ideas, and for Super Mario Run, which is the latest smartphone game that was recently announced by Japanese gaming firm Nintendo, it explains the situation within the videogame community quite well. While there are many who are excited to play the famous Italian plumber known for jumping over his opponents’ heads in their smartphones, there are some people who think that “it’s just another endless runner.”

Nintendo - Is Super Mario Run a Right Decision?

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Takes a Crack at Being an Endless Runner for Your Smartphone

But for many, they were expecting Nintendo to create a smartphone game for Super Mario anytime soon. After all, the company did previously announced that they were going to focus quite a bit on smartphone apps and games. This is because the use of smartphones promote the most out of the social element, which is what the company is mainly gunning for.

With Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, the franchise is now turned into a side-scrolling endless runner, which is quite similar to its roots. But instead of the player being able to control how Mario can run, well, this time you won’t because he does all the running by himself. All you have to do is guide him out of obstacles to try and reach the finish line. Once you’re done with that level, then it’s time to move on to the next. Pretty simple, right?

It’s simplicity might be the beauty of it, but it might also be its downfall. Therefore, playing Super Mario Run might be better when you’re waiting for your train or bus to arrive at the station, or when you’re waiting for someone to appear while waiting inside a coffee shop. It’s not one of those games that you would find yourself playing all night long, unless you are a hardcore mobile gamer.

Super Mario Run is not the only famous long-time videogame character that has met the fate of being a smartphone game, and Nintendo is certainly not the first company to go the handset route for their titles. For example, there was Ubisoft as they have already turned Rayman into an endless runner as well with Rayman Fiesta Run. Nonetheless, not everyone will be able to like it, and would perhaps stick to playing with the famous Italian plumber with the use of their consoles rather than their smartphones.


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