Nintendo NES Classic Edition Review – Bring Back Your Childhood

If you’ve been playing with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back when you were still a kid, then if you want to relive all those games, now you can with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. So what’s different this time around? For starters, it has a built-in library that has some of the most popular games found in the console that it can offer. The NES was the first gaming system for millions of individuals around the globe, and it is clear that Nintendo wants to target those who wants to take a trip down memory lane. It even comes with a full-sized NES controller, and the price is placed at just the right area. This makes for an ideal gift for the kid gamer at heart for the holiday season.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Review - Bring Back Your Childhood

Don’t Think About Blowing Cartridges When You Have the Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Even though the Nintendo NES Classic Edition comes into the market as a retro gaming console, this is hardly the first one to do such a feat nor is it even the most advanced. So what makes it special? Because it shares very similar looks to the original NES gaming console. This time around, it is brought to the 21st century as it can now be connected to your TV with the use of an HDMI cable. Furthermore, gone are the days when you have to blow on the rear-ends of the cartridges just for them to work because the games can now be stored in a smaller, more digital package.

It is strongly noted that you should never compare the NES Classic Edition with modern game consoles like the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. This promotes an entirely different setup, because the games require a supremely low amount of power and data for them to run. The target here is the appeal that it brings for people who have played games such as Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Kirby’s Adventure back in their childhood days.

Another new aspect of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is its design. Although it does look like the old console, it is now made smaller (because technology can). The new classic console bears dimensions of 1.7 x 5.1 x 3.9-inches. Sadly speaking, the cartridge door, or where it used to be, is just there for design kicks and could not be opened. Nonetheless, this is still a great choice for people who get a kick out of playing 8-bit games that they once played back when they were kids.


Where to buy Nintindo Classic Mini NES?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Nintindo Classic Mini NES online.

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