Nintendo NX – Could it be Similar to a Set-Top Box?

Even though this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo has already concluded, rumors and reports going around the World Wide Web are still circulating as to what little we know about the Nintendo NX. During Nintendo’s piece during E3 2016, they have unveiled gameplays and announcements about their upcoming games. Many are already excited about the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U, and a lot of places in the world are already enjoying Pokémon Go. That being said, there’s still not much official news going on with regards to the Japanese gaming company’s next-generation console.

Nintendo NX - Could it be Similar to a Set-Top Box?

Speculations are Running Rampant About the Nintendo NX

It is hard to pinpoint the details as to what the Nintendo NX is exactly. There was a time when a lot of people deemed it to be some sort of mobile device since Nintendo seems to be pulling out all the stops in terms of mobile and social apps and videogames as of late. However, as of late, there have been a number of reputable sources that dictate more information about the upcoming system. Still, a lot of them do contradict to one another, which does put us back to square 1 (for multiple times even). The rumor mill keeps on churning so much that IGN even has a dedicated page that will try to make sense with every prediction.

But to recall, there was a patent that was filed back in February of last year wherein it was discovered by NeoGAF about a schematic of a proposed console from the Japanese tech and videogame company. This particularly interesting piece of technology displayed a device that has no internal optical drive which should be present in modern-day videogame consoles for a disc-based system.

So what is possible? It is possible that this could be the patent for the Nintendo NX, and it is also possible that it will not support a disc-based system but rather that of a cartridge-based, just like the company’s handheld consoles. While we still do not know much about the upcoming console, you cannot rule out the fact that putting a cartridge slot on a home gaming system is not out of the question. Hence, it could also mean that the unit will closely resemble that of a set-top box.

Another question that people are wrapping around their heads is that how will the Nintendo NX fair with the likes of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, especially when Sony and Microsoft are now expected to release their brand new consoles within the near future.


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Nintendo NX – Could it be Similar to a Set-Top Box?
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