Nixon Mission Review – Tough as Nails

The Nixon Mission is undeniably an Android Wear smartwatch, but it gains points for looking like a high-end runner’s watch. It should also be noted that it is massive, especially when you compare it to fitness trackers that look more like bracelets. However, because of its large size, it also means that the watch is strong as it is tough, which means that it can survive the usual bumps and scrapes, and then some.

Nixon Mission Review - Tough as Nails

The Nixon Mission is a Great Smartwatch if Durability is an Important Element You’re Looking For

As mentioned earlier, the Nixon Mission is a large watch, and it’s even bigger than most. It doesn’t look like it might be chunky, because it IS chunky. So if you’re looking at smartwatches that sport a more elegant style, then it is best to look somewhere else. Some of its design points are pointed towards how rugged the device is. It should also be noted that the smartwatch has the best water resistance found in any Android Wear smartwatch to-date. Most waterproof smartwatches are not advised to be dunked deliberately underwater, but this one is certified for just about any atmospheres of underwater pressure. In simpler terms, it can survive up to 100-meters in depth.

The Mission is deliberately being advertised towards surfers and skiers, which is why it should need proper water resistance. Its native environment is supposed to be around water, or otherwise in another liquid form. The sides of the smartwatch are built with a tough polycarbonate plastic. The bezel and the case at the back, on the other hand, are made with 316L steel. The display is made out of a durable Gorilla Glass, in case you’re wondering.

Nixon is advertising this particular smartwatch to be within the “action sports” category, which means it is quite distinct from your average Android Wear that you casually wear during dinner dates. It even has GPS, in which very few Android Wear watches have this, and this means that it will also appeal to runners.

However, battery life on the Nixon Mission is what you would expect from a normal Android Wear smartwatch. When GPS is turned on continuously and it will only last for 4-hours. During normal use, the watch can last about just over a day. Ultimately, this particular smartwatch is clearly designed for those who are into action sports. For everyone else, it is best to turn your wallets somewhere else.


Where to buy Nixon Mission?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Nixon Mission online.

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Nixon Mission Review – Tough as Nails
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