No Man’s Sky – Breaking Records Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Good

The much-hyped, much-awaited, open world, sandbox-y exploration and adventure – procedurally-generated game No Man’s Sky broke a number of records as a result of all the hype that’s been brewing ever since it was revealed in 2012. Despite having a ton of issues both in development such as Hello Games’ studio getting flooded due to a storm, creator Sean Murray receiving death threats from his decision to delay the game due to major difficulties in game development, false promises, and over-expectation of the game community, the game managed to reel in the record for most played PC game of the year; but that glory was short-lived, largely due to all that anticipation that’s been brewing for years.

No Man's Sky - Breaking Records Doesn't Always Mean It's Good

No Man’s Sky Receives an All-Time Low Rating of 88-Percent Negative Reviews on Steam

For its latest feat, No Man’s Sky is now officially the most hated game on Steam; mostly that record came from a huge number of people joining in on the hype and wanting a piece of the cake for themselves. While the game in itself from a concept, gameplay and design standpoint is a very excellent game; it falls short of its promises thanks to all that over-estimation of the its capabilities and how Hello Games just left the community leaving those who bought the game feel like they were ripped-off.

Quoting a writing on a wall from a completely different game, “the cake is a lie”-but not entirely. -that’s the case for this game; while the cake indeed was very delicious, much of what it had inside was fake. False promises that made fans look forward to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky that attracted the attention of a consumer protection agency in the UK such as the time when Murray said that the game will feature multiplayer where there’s a miniscule chance that two players will meet due to the vastness of the game. But in reality the multiplayer aspect is sort of run in multiple instances and not in real time thus allowing you to pause the game but not allowing to you to actually “meet” other people on the same place at the same time.

No Man’s Sky’s “Mostly Positive” rating on steam sharply declined from thumbs ups to thumbs downs over the past few months and now has a “Mostly Negative” overall rating on the platform with 5509 reviews rating it as “Overwhelmingly Negative” as of writing. With only 12% of positive reviews on Steam, unless Hello Games does something about their game’s current state like say, fix major issues and show up in the community, it might save the game with fixes, it’s a shame since the idea of the game is incredible it’s just that it didn’t meet the expectations that it itself established and is now suffering the repercussions.


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No Man’s Sky – Breaking Records Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Good
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