No Man’s Sky – Does the New Update Bring New Life to the Game?

When No Man’s Sky launched it was the final station of a hype train ride that took years of waiting, delays, and heightened expectations that when passengers of the hype train arrived at the final station, they weren’t prepared for the disappointment that was in front of them. Recently labelled as the most hated game on Steam as it received overwhelmingly negative reviews along with the continued silence of the studio especially the developer and owner Sean Murray, who also received death threats when he announced the delay of the much awaited game some time before release. But now that the game has released, players have had their experience with the game and Steam rolling out refunds even for those who played the game more than the allotted refund time period, it’s now back and with it comes a gigantic update that brings lots of features and mechanics into the game, it even broke Sean Murray’s silence.

No Man’s Sky – Does the New Update Bring New Life to the Game?

The No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Brings More Than Just Base Building Promise

The Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky is so huge, it’s almost as if it’s an expansion, like the game that was out was just an open beta where it had false promises and disappointment, the free major update feels like a whole new game. The update went live first for PS4 users adding a ton of content for the space exploration game. It has different “rule sets”, the promised feature to build bases like settlements in Fallout 4, a new save point feature, new technology and other important items. It also includes cargo freighters now as well as a lot of additions and improvements to the base game that was widely criticized.

With No Man’s Sky Foundation Update, the game now has three different game modes: Normal, Creative, and Survival. Normal mode is just the vanilla Space Explorer game you came to love and hate, creative is like creative mode in Minecraft in which you have infinite resources to do whatever you want, while Survival ups the challenge and will test the player’s endurance. Another big feature is the ability to build home bases which is used for shelter, storage, and research. Like in Fallout 4, it also allows you to farm crops, save points are now available wherever the player wants it. Messages can be left for other explorers who might visit a planet you’ve been on, freighters are available for extra storage as well as a streamlined quick menu is now available. In addition, the PS4 version add photo mode while the PC gets tons of fixes and improved visuals.

While No Man’s Sky’s launch burst a lot of hopeful explorers’ bubbles, developer Sean Murray broke silence and posted a tweet about how meaningful the update is to them especially from what they’ve been through from past few months. Here’s hoping that this update help make up for the game’s devastating launch.


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